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Help me give my children a christmas, down on my luck this year

HANCER1124 started this conversation

Hi, I am a single mother of 2 girls, just divorced in March of this year. Recently, my job at Wal-Mart ended after 15 long years.  My unemplyment was denied, I am appealing, I don't get any child support on my oldest but have filed for it.  My rent and household bills are about $950.00.  All I have coming in is $266.00 in child support for the second child. I have got an appointment for food stamps on Mon. and just went to 2 interviews on this past Mon.  I am scared to death that I will not be able to do Santa Claus for my girls, cause' every bit of money I have or will have is got to go to rent, electricity and water.  I need help and have never had to ask before, I'm ashamed to ask outsiders to do for me and my girls but seems I have no choice and time is running out, please e-mail me if you can help in any way, thanks!!

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I don't know how old your children are, but most communities have organizations that provide christmas for underpriviliged children.  They can help with winter heating costs and sometimes rent as well.

My husband had a massive heart attack and I lost my job due to missed days with him in icu (i had not been employed long enough for family leave)  we are not going to be able to have christmas at all .  My kids are teenagers however and know what is going on I feel bad, but we will do something out of income tax.  I feel terrible, but we have to keep the rent paid.
Hope things work out for your family
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Hello my name is loretta and i have four boys and i need help with christmas my husband just left and i have nothing their ages are 12,14,16,and 18 and i dont know what to do they need clothes and toys if you could help please contact me at 423-834-0172

                                              thank you loretta


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I just took a 13 yea old out of foster care. The State pays me nothing because I am not a licensed foster parent. The child has been physically, emotionally, sexually, and verbally abused and scarred. i am a single mother, 32, with my own 13, 11, and 10 year old children. I was in a disabling auto accident in 2004 and have no income except fo $697 pe month child support. We have no Christmas plans for gifts, but this year the children are learning the true meaning of Christmas. We are making each other costless gifts like: slide shows of memories, letters to each other saying what we love most about each family member, and we are doing something special for the 12 days before Christmas (drive to see other's Christmas lights, visiting Public Holiday displays, rewraping personal belongings and giving to each other the things another family member often asks to use or borrow, etc...). The light at the end of the tunnel is to visit the toys fo tots web site and request toys BEFORE Dec. 13th. Good luck. If anyone can help us with our electic bill this month it would be special to us.
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email me at with your needs, I can get your kids a couple of gifts ;o)

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